Sulphate Of Potash 1kg

Sulphate Of Potash 1kg

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The addition of Sulphate of Potash at pruning, early Spring and Autumn, will thicken cell walls and strengthen stems of the plant to help guard against Black Spot. Sulphate of Potash will also intensify the perfume and colour of the flowers.

Benefits of Sulphate Of Potash:

  • Bigger and tastier fruit
  • More flowers and colour
  • For gardens and lawns
  • Available in soluble - great foliar spray - and granular


How much to use: Apply at the rate of 10g per square metre.

Note – One adult handful equals approximately 50g.

Ensure the surface is already damp. Spread evenly over the surface and rake into approximately 5cm of soil. Water in well immediately after spreading

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