Rocky Blood & Bone 25kg Bag

Rocky Blood & Bone 25kg Bag

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NPK 5.1 : 4.1 : 1.5

Rocky Point’s Blood & Bone combines the power of poultry manure with Blood & Bone in an easy-to-use pellet form.

With the addition of fully composted organic* poultry manure, plants will have access to a carbon-rich blend of nutrients high in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium for strong root development, more flowering, fruiting and boosted overall plant health.

As a soil conditioner, Blood & Bone will encourage earthworms and microbial activity. Maintaining soil health will benefit the whole garden, helping you reap the rewards in abundant fruit, tasty vegetables and vibrant flowers!


Application Rates:

As an indication, an adult hand holds approximately 50g. Water thoroughly after application.

Vegetable Beds & Flowers: Apply approx. 200g per square metre at planting.

Planting Shrubs & Trees: Apply approx. 250g (5 handfuls) per square metre at planting and mix with the soil. Apply approx. 250g twice yearly.

Ornamental Roses & Shrubs: Apply approx 250g (5 handfuls) per plant. Apply twice yearly in Spring and Autumn.

Fruit Trees: Apply approx 250g (5 handfuls) per plant. Apply twice yearly in Spring and Autumn.

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