Premium Megamix Garden Soil

This premium blend of garden soil has been expertly combined with natural soil and naturally occurring water saving materials. These additions enable water to both penetrate and store near the roots of plants where they need it most.

Premium Megamix Garden Soil is available in 1 tonne bulk bags. Please contact our sales team on 3219 7456 for a quote.

Benefits of Megamix Garden Soil:

  • Packed with high quality composts , natural minerals and healthy soil microbes.
  • This soil gives your plants every chance to flourish in the face of water restrictions.
  • Mega Mix Soil is a worthy investment in the long term health of your garden.


  • Garden bed soil ( 30cm depth )
  • Underturf ( 15cm depth )

If you are after an urgent delivery please call the sales team on

(07) 3219 7456

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