Organic Life 25kg

Organic Life 25kg

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Organic Life is a supercharged fully composted, biologically activated organic fertiliser. Boosted with Terra Firma’s Poultry Manure base, Soft Rock Phosphate, Sulphate of Potash, Meat Meal, Bone Meal, Seaweed and Zeolite; Organic Life offers more than one form of the same nutrient, to deliver nutrients with different complimentary release times, supporting the plant, offering the available nutrient when the plant needs it.

Benefits of Organic Life:

  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input & Australian Organic Registered Garden Product
  • High Performance, easy to use pellets.

Application Rates:

General: 100g - 200g per square metre.

Roses, Flowers & Vegetables: Consider an application of TFF Lime Impact as a pre-plant. Spread 200g per square metre 1-2 weeks before planting. Work into top 5-10cm & water. Established - Spread 100g per square metre every 4-6 weeks. For annual flowers apply at early bud formation.

Trees & Shrubs: Before planting mix 50g with the soil at the base of the planting hole. Spread another 50g on top of the soil and under the mulch. Established-spread 100g per square metre, away from the trunk and out to the drip line of the plant. Australian Natives - halve the above rates

Fruit Trees: Before planting mix 100g with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole. Spread another 50g around the drip line and cover with mulch. Established - spread 500g up to 4kg for older trees. For Citrus apply in July, November & March.

Strawberries: Spread 200g per square metre & mix into the soil during bed formation. Side dress rows once every 4-6 weeks - 75g per metre of row after flowering commences.

Vines & Bulbs: Spread 100g per square metre before planting. Side dress rows once every 4-6 weeks - 75g per metre of row after flowering commences.

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