Slash Fines Mulch 1m3 Bulk Bag
Slash Fines Mulch 1m3 Bulk Bag

Slash Fines Mulch 1m3 Bulk Bag

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Slash Fines makes a big difference to safety when children take a fall and help to level out uneven surface areas.

Benefits of Slash Fines Mulch:

  • it gives the plants around to thrive and develop their own ecosystem, thus increasing root development.
  • Add Slash Fines mulch to any children's play area, which is safe for children to fall on, without hurting themselves.
  • Reduces weeds.
  • keeps moisture in the soil, thus saving water.
  • non toxic and safe for children to play in.


  • Should be topped up every 8 - 12 months for optimum results.
  • Apply to a depth of 75-100mm for good coverage.
  • Thoroughly water garden bed before covering with mulch.
  • Keep a small space around your plants & trees.

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