Supreme Premium Topdressing Soil / Tonne
Supreme Premium Topdressing Soil / Tonne

Supreme Premium Topdressing Soil / Tonne

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Our Supreme Premium Top Dressing Soil is a blended mix of sand, soil and aged manure. It is comprised of beautifully fertile natural topsoil and enriched compost. It is combined with a base fertilizer to help aid turf growth within its first 12-month growing season.

Benefits of Topdressing Soil:

  • The organic content within the mixture has a pH level of 6.0-7.0.
  • Helps protect turf from plant disease.
  • Aids grass shoots to grow during times of poor sunlight and cold weather. 
  • Double screened to give it a finer texture, perfect for shovelling or raking on an uneven lawn.
  • Weed & nut grass free.


  • This Supreme Premium Top Dressing Soil can be used both under and over turf.
  • It should be spread as a top dressing no thicker than 5-10mm. 
  • Garden Beds.

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