Ready Mix

Concrete Bag 20kg

Code #2537

A ready mixed bag of sand, gravel and bonding cement for your convenience. Just add water to achieve desired consistency. Saves time and labour.

Our Price: $10.20

Easy Render 20kg

Code #2826

Just add water to this bag to create a smooth workable render

Our Price: $15.90

Mortar Mix 20kg

Code #2920

Fine grade mortar powder. Just mix with water to make a high-strength bonding agent, used in constructing brick and block walls, for minor repairs to concrete in domestic areas. Also suitable for paving.

Our Price: $12.85

Paver Joint Filling Sand 20kg

Code #52

Can be swept over layed pavers to fill gaps in between. Helps promote a neater, more professional presentation.

Our Price: $10.15

Post Mix 20kg

Code #2922

Used in simple concreting jobs where the surface finish is not important. A simple sand, gravel, cement mix, ideal for setting up fence posts, lights, letterboxes, etc.

Our Price: $10.20

Rapid Set Concrete 20kg

Code #2923

A quick drying cementing option.

Our Price: $10.20